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Saki and Yan-Chan have lunch
Another Yandere Simulator scene I made with a manga creator on Rinmaru. I don't know if cannibalism (yes, that's what Ayano is hinting at) will be an option in the final game, but think about it. You can raise your reputation while getting rid of the body! Getting the body to the kitchen to butcher and cook without being caught would be pretty challenging, though. And you probably can't make octopus hotdogs with human body parts. You could probably puree your victim in the woodchipper and put it in food.…

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Things Ensign Vargas is not Allowed to do:

1: Not to use the replicators to make white flags.
2: May not use transporter beam to recreate a certain scene from Spaceballs
3: If I'm going to use the holodeck to create a bathing in pasta fantasy, I should at least take a thorough shower before reporting for duty.
4: I will wear the uniform Starfleet issued me while on duty. I may not wear that frilly maid uniform while on duty.
5: I probably shouldn't wear it off duty either.
6: I will see that I am at least half dressed before leaving my quarters.
7: I may not hold tribble fights in the cargo bay.
8:  Shuttlecrafts do not need to be repainted. Not the way I do it.
9: Lt. Hercules does not want to chase a laser pointer.
10: Shuttlecrafts are not to be used for drag racing or demolition derby.
11: I will wait until designated break times to eat.
12: I will learn how to tie my shoes so that I don't trip over them while running from a mugato and have to call for Smitty to save me again.
13: I am not, have never been and never will be Ambassador Spock. I must stop telling people I'm him when I don't even know how to do the Vulcan salute properly.
14: Ambassador Worf was not amused by my "Klingons near Uranus" joke.
15: Spiking the Captain's Coca-Cola was not funny.
16: I cannot trade dilithium crystals for any of the following: pasta, utensils or ingredients to make pasta, Denebian slime devils, stardust, female Orion sweat, memorabilia from Quark's Bar and Dabbo, locks of Janeway's hair…this list is not exhaustive.
17: Captain Picard is not a Deltan. Stop asking him if he still has an oath of celibacy on record.
18: I will not team up with Lukasiewikz to give Smitty a makeover ever again.
19: I can't use the Force. The Force does not exist.
20: Dr. Bonnefoy's name is not "Dr. Feel Good".
21: Those things on Commander Kirkland's face are eyebrows. They are not out of control tribbles.
22: I will not go to Ligon II, get drunk and pick a fight with one of the leader's wives.
23: I may never again challenge Q to a drinking contest. We almost didn't get the space/time continuum back on track and put the planet Vulcan back in one piece.
24: I cannot commandeer the intercom system and force everyone aboard to listen to my rendition of "Space Oddity".
25: I may not play video games on duty. Not even if I offer to let Smitty be Player 2.
26: Soccer games are to be played on the holodeck, not in engineering.
27: If captured by the Cardassians, I will not blubber inelegantly while telling my captor that there are as many lights as he wants there to be and anything else he wants to know.
28: I will learn the proper way to use a phaser. I won't hold it backwards and nearly shoot myself like last time.
29: Never challenge a Ferengi to a game of Monopoly.
30: Stop asking Admiral Janeway about the time she was a salamander. She really doesn't want to talk about it.
31: I will not attempt to make the ship go at Warp 10. Not even if I promise everyone they will "see some serious shit".
32: Stop asking Klingons why their foreheads look so different from Klingons from the last century. They really do not want to talk about it.
33: No bicycling in the corridors.
34: No unicycling in the corridors.
35: No tricycling, motorcycling, skateboarding, stilt-walking, riding an animal of any kind, pogo sticking or roller skating in the corridors. Just walk like a normal person!
35: No graffiti in the turbolift.
36: When role playing the exploits of the crew of the Kirk Era Enterprise on the holodeck Captain Jones gets dibs on playing Kirk. Lt. Hercules as Kirk? Seriously, what was I thinking?
37: When someone hails me on my communicator I cannot pretend to be a recording.
38: I will not attempt to commune with The Prophets. I will certainly not ask them if they'd like to come over for pizza some time.
39: I cannot blame my actions on being possessed by a parasitic energy being more than once. Claiming it was a Symbiote gone bad is a little far-fetched too.
40: Not allowed to make bathtub wine in my quarters. Kirkland was blind for three days after trying it.
41: The EMH does not want to sing "Dry Bones" with me.
42: May not use the Himaruya Maru to do a barrel roll.
43: I may not use any of the equipment in the engine room to do a sexy pole dance.
44: No siestas in the Jefferies Tubes.
45: A society is deemed ready for first contact after they've discovered Warp drive. Not after they've discovered pasta.
46: Dr. Bonnefoy did not like the duck I gave him. Well, he did after roasting it in an orange sauce with a side of brown rice and mushrooms and a glass of chardonnay, but he didn't appreciate the insinuation it came with.
47: I will not use the zero-G training area to put on a production of Peter Pan.
48: I may not use a bat'leth to cut vegetables.
49: Commander Oxenstierna's son is named Peter, not "Wesley". Stop calling him that.
50: I must not make memes involving pics of my coworkers, especially considering that nearly every time Smitty face palms it's because of something I did.
Things Ensign Vargas is not Allowed to do
For my Hetalia/Star Trek crossover, I had Italy be Ensign Feliciano Vargas. It's highly suspected that Vargas only passed Academy because his grandfather was Captain Augusto Vargas, a hero from the incident at Wolf 359. Some rules had to be written just for Ensign Vargas to keep him in line.

Why would Vargas think he's Spock and Lt. Hercules is Kirk? Little meta joke. Their English cast voice actors are in a fan made series called Star Trek Todd Habercorn usually plays mischievous and/or easily excited characters, so having him play the unflappable Spock is a bit against type for him, but he manages to pull it off. 

 Lukasiewikz is supposed to have a slash through the L, but I can't manage to paste it for some reason and I don't know the proper command or even the word for that letter. The name would be pronounced "wook-a-shye-veech" in Polish. 

Never get into a drinking contest with Q. That's how the reboot films got made.

What happens when an actual astronaut covers "Space Oddity" while in space:…

Can you imagine the EMH singing this?:…

Ah, Star Trek memes. Here's George Takei's top picks:… The last one is funny when you realize it's Picard reciting love poetry for Lwaxana. 

In case you really want to see Feliciano Vargas do a pole dance:…
Yanchan And Midori
I had to do a little computer magic to give Midori the right color hair. Otherwise, she looks like Saki with her hair down! Ayano does not like strange girls talking to Senpai. Midori will break the fourth wall for her to find out who she is!

Surprised that Yan-Chan uses words like "bitch"? Remember, she is not a nice person....

Made on Rinmaru Manga creator…
Fluffy Is Done For
Had to add some captions here. There's a famous cartoon where Yan-Chan kills her cat when she finds out Senpai is allergic to cats. In the recent update, she can kill a stray cat to throw off police dogs searching for bodies. Cats are just not safe around Yan-Chan!…


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Here's a fanfic based on the episode you might like.…
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